Latest Surf Fishing Tips

The beach is a great vacation spot but surf fishing makes it that much better. Long stretches of sandy beach provide an endless amount of fishing opportunities. The intent of this site is to share surf fishing tips that will make your next trip to the coast much more fun and successful.

It would be dang near impossible to cover all topics and skill levels but we'll give it a shot. Many of the tips and articles will cover beginner to intermediate content.

One of the biggest mistakes of a rookie surf fisherman is not knowing what they are trying to catch. If you are a beginner surf fisherman then you need start with the Surf Fish Bot. Surf fishing is all about the seasons so we need to find out what fish will be in the surf zone during your fishing trip.

Knowing the fish you will be targeting will help us select the appropriate surf fishing gear. Not all gear is created equal and not all gear is intended for all fish. Surf fishing doesn't require you to spend a ton of money on a bunch of gear but it can be very specialized.

For most of us surf fishing is tied to a family beach trip. This means that fishing is not always the ultimate goal and the fishermen don't have total control over the destination or the date. If this describes your situation then you need to check out the Surf Fish Bot to see what will be biting.

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  • Bluefish

    Bluefish are one of the most common species of fish that can be caught in the surf. You can find bluefish from the Gulf of Mexico all the way the northeast shores. Big appetites and muscles makes it popular in the ... Read More »